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St. Matthew United Women in Faith, formerly United Methodist Women, is a local women's mission organization and part of the national organization of United Women in Faith, which has a rich legacy and nearly a half million members.


Our membership is open to all who have desired to belong and serve.


Our monthly gatherings are on the third Wednesday of seven months of the year at 10 AM in the church's Activity Center building for programs and business. The remaining months have other opportunities for fellowship, growth, and action. All meetings are harmonious with the purpose, mission and vision of the organization.

Our three circles are smaller subgroups of the organization. They meet for Christian fellowship, programs, study, and mission projects. Whether a member of a circle or not, we are all United Women in Faith.

All are welcome to attend any or all of our circles, and the general gatherings.

For more or specific information please send an email to

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Cuppa Natter is currently taking a hiatus from meetings until further notice.

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meets the first Tuesday of most months in the Patio Rooms of the Activity Center. During the summer months the members meet for breakfast at a local restaurant. Programs/ Speakers vary during the year.



meets directly following Morning Glories Circle at 11 AM  several times a year  to discuss books from the United Methodist  Women in Faith Reading Program.

Additional Information or Above & Beyond

As a local United Women in Faith group we are a segment​ of the connectional system of United Women in Faith. St Matthew is one of a number of groups in the East District of the Desert Southwest Conference area. For conference information and links to the East District Circuit Rider newsletter and the Conference Southwest Winds newsletter 

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